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Top 5 best alternatives of google adsence

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Google Adsense has been the foremost target to earn online. Make your site worthwhile by adding advertisements of agencies, which will pay you whenever the ad is clicked. They are formally called, ‘Pay Per Click (PPC) Networks’.

The criteria of Google Adsense has been rigorous and if once violated, it may lead to permanent ban from Google Adsense. Luckily, Adsense is not the only option to earn for your website. As Chrome and Mozilla are for Internet explorer, Ms. Word and Openoffice for Wordpad, likewise there are many alternatives for Google Adsense. Surprisingly enough, one can get a advertisement company relevant to the content. This is double profitable, adding more value to your page and money to your pocket of course. Best Google Adsense Alternatives

1. Buysellads:

                    Another Online advertising platform gives you the option of estimated money you are going to earn through this unlike Adsense. It is currently one of the most popular Google Adsense Alternatives. Technology niche and blogging people prefer than Adsense.

2. Chitika (pronounced as CHIH-tih-ka):

   Chitika offers one of the best PPC alternative after Adsense. Chitika is a company based out of Westborough, MA and is a primary non-contextual advertisng company. In contextual advertisng, the publisher script filters the website for keywords and returns advertisements based on that keywords. Their ad format is unique and have great aesthetics, and their payout is at 10$.
 3. Bidvertiser :

                                 Bidvertiser introduces some intriguing ad designs for your page. It pays less than adsense relatively but provides you the maximum customization capability; changing the layout of ads plus blocking the unwanted ads.
 4. Adbrite:

                          Is one of the great alternatives to Adsense. Adbrite has some customization tools, enabling the publisher to set his own ad rates. Anyways, Adsense is always the best content-sensitive network.
                         One more network that multiplies money to your account whenever clicked on the ads, shown on website, although pays less than Adsense but has proved to be a good alternative. It is able to screen for malicious ads. These were some of the top and most favorite Google Adsense Alternatives for getting money online. Hoping, it will fulfill your craving to know the best Alternatives. If you find this post worthy, don’t forget to comment in the section below.

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