Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Get Free unlimited likes to your page for free

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Facebook is the most popular and well known social media website, moreover there are more accounts on Facebook than the people on this planet, but some of them are in active or fake, it is the fact. It might be the
best place to market your product by the help of Facebook pages, there are millions of Facebook pages. Creating a page is not a big deal, getting real people likes on your page and make it successful is main problem. there are many ways to do it like advertising but you need to spend money for that, here I have an easy and successful way to do it by which you can add thousands of likes for free with 3 or 3 days. Sound amazing right?
Add me fast is best and very easy website by which you can get thousands of likes on your Facebook fan page for free.Here is a tutorial for you to let you know how it works:

1)Make a free account:
Make a free account on addmefast.com as shown in the picture. fill out the required instructions and login to your account.

2)Add your page to the site:
Fill the required information And click
on save

form here you can see your likes stats
Here one phase of your work is done.Now you need to have some points by which you will get likes on your page. When you login to your account, you can see your points on very right top corner as shown in this image

3)Earn points:

                              You need these points to get likes. or you can also say that you buy Facebook likes by using these points.You might be wondering how to get these points, its quiet easy, by liking other pages on the site you get these points,
When you click like button, a popup will appear having a Facebook page, like that page and close that window, repeat the same process as much as you want. The more points you have, more likes you will get.
Another alternate and better way is auto liking, That article will be published soon, or you can subscribe us to stay updated, best of luck and don't forget to like :)


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