Sunday, 4 August 2013

Magnetic marketing tips

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Following are some of the most relevant and effective tips for social media marketing prepared by professionals and tested thoroughly to turn your computer to an ATM machine, go through them and hopefully we will having positive results.

  1. Get clicks and purchases directly from Twitter page by changing some of your links to affiliate links.
  2. Regularly, though not too often, send links in your Tweets to your Opt-In page to gather their contact details (name and email address) for future email marketing. Remember your Opt-in list can be used time and time again, never underestimate its value.
  3. Get clicks and purchases from introductory Direct Messages when thanking people for following.
  4. Promote Clickbank products directly in your Tweets.
  5. Build-up a list with Direct Messages by pointing them to an opt-in page then use list to point to Clickbank products
  6. Promote Amazon products (as an affiliate) in Tweets
  7. Promote ebay products (as an affiliate) in Tweets
  8. Send promotional link to a big event - seminars etc
  9. All other affiliate schemes
  10. Send people to CPA offers - with care !
  11. Tweet on behalf of others 
  12. Send links to a Blog
Hope you liked out tips, for suggestions email us to ..Don't forget to like and leave a comment . Best of luck and happy Blogging :)


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